Career Counselling Cell

Career Counselling Cell


The college has an active Career Counselling Cell. The objective of the cell is to unfold the career opportunities of its students and to prepare them to face the challenging professional world. The cell regularly meets students of various departments and makes them aware of different opportunities available in their disciplines and beyond. Students can also approach the members of the cell individually for any kind of career guidance and for information of further studies after graduation. The cell is also planning to hold workshops on personality development and communication skills in the near future. The cell invites professionals from different streams to facilitate the students in choosing their career goals.


The Career Counselling Cell of our college plays a crucial role in guiding students toward successful career paths. The Objectives of this cell are as follows-

  1. Create Awareness: The primary objective is to create awareness among students regarding the available career options. By doing so, students can make informed decisions about their future paths.
  2. Guidance and Exploration: The cell provides guidance to students on the various career options available during their academic journey. It helps them explore different fields and understand the potential career trajectories associated with each.
  3. Educational Planning: Help students with educational planning by providing guidance on course selection, academic requirements, and additional certifications or training programs that can enhance their employability in their chosen field.
  4. Identify and Develop Abilities: Career counselling aims to identify and develop students’ abilities and interests. This includes recognizing their strengths and helping them overcome any weaknesses. Soft skill development, such as communication abilities, is also emphasized
  5. Entrepreneurship Guidance: Provide guidance and resources for students interested in entrepreneurship, including business plan development, funding opportunities, startup incubation programs, and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs.

By focusing on these objectives, a career counselling cell in a college plays a vital role in empowering students to make well-informed decisions about their careers, maximize their potential, and achieve their professional aspirations.


The Career Counselling Cell of the college takes measures to organise seminars, career counselling sessions and workshops to make the students aware of higher educational and career opportunities. This is done internally by the committee members and also in collaboration with external career agencies and expert resource persons. Initiative is also taken to arrange for one-to-one discussion between teachers and students to identify and develop students’ abilities and interests at least once a year.

Present Committee Members

Composition Name & Designation Contact
Chairman Dr. Sibsankar Pal
Mobile: 8926666554
Joint Conveners Gopal Mandal
Assistant Professor (History)
Mobile: 9614943319
Dr. Sumit Kumar Das
Assistant Professor (Physics)
Mobile: 8609822307
Members Dr. Shubhadip Debnath
Assistant Professor (Bengali)
Mobile: 9477064344
Md. Najir Hossain
Assistant Professor (Philosophy)
Mobile: 7557824355
Dr. Ajoy Mandal
Assistant Professor (Physics)
Mobile: 7501237895


Date Program Title Organized by No. of Participants Program Details
02.01.2024 Career Counselling Session Career counselling cell, Government General Degree College, Tehatta (Observation of Students’ Week, 2024) 25 View
13.09.2023 সরকারি চাকরির দরকারি দিশাঃ নিশ্চিত ভবিষ্যতের লক্ষ্যে Jointly by Rice Education – Belgharia – Head Office and Career counselling cell, Govt. General Degree College, Tehatta 110 View